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Explore the fascinating life and legacy of Mae West, the iconic actress and playwright. Learn about her groundbreaking performances and enduring impact on Hollywood and popular culture.
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Mrs. Anne Rea, the hair dresser for MAE WEST, was interviewed about the star in March 1956. This woman had traveled with the iconic performer from 1946 — 1952 during the time when Mae was touring the United States with "Diamond Lil" and "Come on Up and Ring Twice." During her road shows, Mae carried around thousands of dollars worth of spit curls, bangs, braids, falls, and other false hair pieces which required special attention and maintenance. • • This is the third and final installment of…

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SWEET DISPOSITION - TEMPER TRAP HI BOYS "On her 71st birthday Mae West feasted on a rhinestone-studded vanilla layer birthday cake. Nourished by her own legend, she has outlasted every lover and initiated a nation of boys into manhood. She has been called a Queen Bee whose favors are unforgettable, Some say she is the greatest female impersonator in the world. Others say that she has nine million dollars in the bank, and that her paternal grandmother possessed three well-formed breasts."…

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This Day In History: August 17, 1893 “I believe in censorship. I made a fortune out of it.” – Mae West The original blonde bombshell, Mae West, was born on August 17, 1893. Mae grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Her father was “Battlin’ Jack” West, a prizefighter and street brawler for hire. Her mother, Tillie, raised Mae and her [...]

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