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Unleash your creativity and make a character that truly stands out. Explore these inspiring ideas to bring your imagination to life and craft a character that you'll love.
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Create A Character Challenge Open a random number generator, numbers 1-12, do it _ times, and then draw your character! Gender Hair Length Body Type 1-6 Male 1-4 Short 1-3 Tall and Skinny 7-12 Female 5-8 Medium 4-6 Short and Stocky 9-12 Long 7-9 Heavyer Nation...

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For personal use only. You do not have a permit to use any part of it for commercial purposes and into AI. Fallhyde is a strange little town in Texas, stuck in the year 2006. Here, tourists go missing, extraterrestrial activity gets researched and rumors about mysterious cryptids get spread in the town outskirts... and that's not all! Create your own Fallhyde citizen in our maker and join us in solving the mysteries of our town: by nnomnia [twitter, instagram…