Matcha tea set

Elevate your tea experience with a high-quality matcha tea set. Explore our top recommendations for a complete and authentic tea ritual that will enhance your enjoyment of matcha.

About this item MAKING AND DRINKING MATCHA TEA MUST BE DONE CORRECTLY. The Matcha tea ceremonial gift set is exactly what’s needed to start drinking a unique beverage with natural antioxidants and matcha tea energetics. EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR CEREMONIAL MATCHA TEA-DRINKING. The Tealyra matcha ceremony gift set consists of 4 pieces: Bamboo Chasen Whisk, Scoop, whisk holder-stand and Bowl. A high-quality and beautiful Japanese tea set makes the process of drinking the most beneficial drink in…

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About this item COMPLETE MATCHA GIFT SET: Matcha bowl, bamboo whisk, matcha whisk holder, bamboo scoop, scoop stand, tea cloth, matcha powder sifter. PREMIUM QUALITY: The entire matcha set is constructed of natural bamboo and ceramic which allows you making perfect cup of matcha in the traditional tea ceremony style. MATCHA KIT GIFT: Matcha whisk bowl and whisk set make it easier to use and allow you enjoying the delicious taste of matcha. VARIOUS OPTIONS: We offer different colors to choose…

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Matcha tea, once exclusively prepared and consumed in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, was experiencing a global renaissance. As matcha took off, the marketing around the product quickly overtook the quality, creating an opportunity for Suntory-backed Stonemill Matcha to deliver a modern, yet authentic matcha experience. To introduce their premium offering, Stonemill set out to open […]