Melbourne street

Discover the hidden gems and bustling atmosphere of Melbourne's streets. From iconic laneways to bustling thoroughfares, immerse yourself in the vibrant street culture of this cosmopolitan city.
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In November, we hopped across the pond to Australia to spend 10 days in Melbourne. The only time we've been to Australia before was a fleeting trip to Sydney, so we were really excited to spend longer there. D had to work for some of the trip, so I got a few days to explore the city on my own. Here's a quick low-down of my top 10 things I did whilst in Melbourne. 1: See the street art Melbourne has some amazing street art, and not just in the obvious places (there are whole lanes dedicated…

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Melbourne is famous for its laneways, full of the world-famous Melbourne street art, amazing murals, cute corners and tucked away cafes. Some even have secret bars built into them. This Melbourne street art self-guided tour helps you find the best street art spots in the city without the help of a t

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My love story with Melbourne was definitely not love at first sight. It took a little while for me to start enjoying it, but ultimately I gave myself some time to discover what this beautiful city has to offer. Hint: there is a lot! From its vibrant cafes to its street art, museums, local bars, thri

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