Middle school behavior

Discover effective strategies for managing and improving behavior in middle school students. Create a positive learning environment and promote student success with these top ideas.
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There are times throughout the year when it seems like your classes just aren’t going right. You are working hard on your lessons, thinking of engaging applications, and even trying to add ch…

Beckie Riker
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Classroom management strategies for middle school are not the same as elementary strategies. Learn how to manage a middle school classroom.

Brandi Howard
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The educational strategies I use in my classroom are things I continuously reflect on and develop. The classroom management of my middle school classrooms is one of the things I’m most proud of with my teaching. I generally had a happy classroom that was under control and focused on learning, which wasn't always easy considering my classes each consisted of 30+ seventh graders at ALL possible academic levels working out of their seats on science experiments and activities. My biggest pieces…

Susie Doyle-Wand
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Quick and easy middle school brain breaks will help keep your middle schoolers' brains fresh, support emotional regulation, and mental health.

Kristin Baugh
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Middle School Rewards Are you searching for a way to motivate your middle school students? Found a way to track positive behavior but not sure what to do now? Treasure box? No, that's too elementary. Prizes? No, that's too expensive. Reward coupons are the way to go! Your students will love the opportunity to be rewarded with things that matter to them. Plus, these no-cost options will cut down on the amount of money you need to spend on your classroom! Or, really, just allow you to spend it…

Tara Trotter
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If you're tired of digging into your own pockets to find ways to motivate your students, you need to check out these FREE reward coupons. You can even use the editable option to add your own coupons.

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