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Fantasy is now, Tony Sart

Final for fun artwork "Fantasy is now" I tried to make art fun and interesting. There are many references to LOTR. I hope you will like it )) Thanks to everyone who followed the creation process on YouTube (unfortunately, for some reason I could not attach a single link). So just a link to the channel here. Welcome to Instagram: @sart.tony and VK:

Christie Rawcliffe
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Partners, not friends, Cristina Laviña Ferez

Heyooo! Some other personal piece I did in my spare time. I was in love of the Bright universe (not so much the movie, but the world I loved) So I kept thinking about the cool characters and the alternatives stories a world like that could have. :) Anyway, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them!

Michał Sałata
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Dion - modern-day wizard, Ivelin Trifonov

Dion is a modern-day nature wizard, аlthough he looks like an ordinary homeless man, he is a powerful wizard who understands the language of animals and can summon the ancient spirits of the forest. Character design for 3dtcdc. :)

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