Montessori activities 1 year

Discover fun and educational Montessori activities specifically designed for 1-year-olds. Help your child develop essential skills through hands-on learning and exploration.
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More than 30 simple, fun, hands-on activities to keep toddlers busy learning and playing. Activities are developmentally appropriate for ages 1-2 and include sensory play, easy art projects, fine motor activities, and gross motor play. Learning skills include color sorting and recognition, shape id

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A list of our 1 year old's favorite Montessori toys from 12-24 months old. These will include details about the best Montessori toys and activities for this age group.

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2 and 3 year old toddlers are developing so fast and growing so much. They have mastered so many skills and are absorbing everything around them. To help support this growth, there are tons of simple learning activities that you can do. The list below include lots of activities that only take a few minutes

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Looking for easy ways to get started with Montessori at home with your 12-15 month old? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to get started - how to prepare a Montessori environment at home, fun activity ideas, parenting tips, and more!

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This gift guide for toddlers ages 12-18 months old shares 26 different, developmentally appropriate gift ideas as well as 10 stocking stuffer ideas. All items on this list promote play-based learning, and can be considered open-ended. These gift ideas will grow with children and can positively enhan

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