Monthly planner decorating ideas

Transform your monthly planner into a personalized masterpiece with these creative decorating ideas. Get inspired to make your planner a reflection of your unique style and stay organized in a fun and stylish way.
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How I decorate my planner featuring MAMBI happy planner!

Planning out your week is the most efficient way to ensure that you have the best and most productive week that you can have. Planners are the most obvious and still the best way I have found to pl…

Stephanie Donahue
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How to Set Up your Happy Planner to Stay Organized

Do you need better planner organization? Have a planner but don’t really use it? Wish you did so life wasn’t so crazy? Here is one idea of how to organize your days using the Big Happy Planner.

Sarah Langley
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Aesthetic Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Set Up Step By Step

Autumn is one of the most colourful seasons of the year, with the golden October right in the middle. Even Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong sang about Autumn in New York, slightly jazzing up the mood and warming the hearts. Or maybe Girl in Red gets you lit up with her song We Fell in Love in October. What’s not to love about this season and especially October? The trees are painted in all sorts of colours, the weather is not too cold yet and being outdoors is still enjoyable. That’s…

Signe Jussila
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10 Happy Planner Decorating Tips For Beginners

Oct 24, 2019 - Your planner can be fun and functional at the same time! Try these 10 planner decorating tips to inspire you to achieve your goals.

Jennifer Surprenant