Mosaic tile crafts

Add a touch of artistry to your home decor with these creative mosaic tile crafts. Explore unique ideas to personalize your space and express your creativity with mosaic tiles.

A mosaic is a pattern of irregularly shaped pieces all fitted together to cover a surface. Mosaics can make distinct pictures or shapes out of thousands of smaller pieces, but they don't have any discernible pattern. This fantastic form of artwork can be added to dull spaces, but on what surface can you add a […]

Marian Moore
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One of the most common side effects of Mosaic obsession is the desire to create new pieces like DIY mosaic coasters. Do you keep looking at our mosaic art supplies? Are you getting inspired to try out new designs? Don’t worry. Hopefully, you were able to try out some DIY mosaic art projects after reading our recent blog on holiday activities, and you’re ready for a new one. Let’s get you started on some new DIY mosaic coasters! Mosaic Art is Entertaining! Image Source: Pinterest Mosaic…

Sally Alberti