Mural ideas indoor

Transform your indoor space with these creative mural ideas. Discover how you can add color and personality to your home with stunning murals.
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What Paint Should you Use for Murals | Mural Painting Best Tips, Wall Mural Painting for Beginners

Is there a perfect mural paint I’m supposed to be using? Will I look like an amateur if I don’t use the correct paint. Who do I even ask?? I wondered all this at the beginning too.

Kelley Porter
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Hallway with a View

I have a bunch of paint jars with just a little bit left in each… this is a cute project where you can use them up! I used chalk to draw some mountains then played around with colors… so easy to change your mind with a small workspace. I think this would be a fun part of the house to let your kids g

Marriah Rodgers