Navy and pink capsule wardrobe

Discover how to build a versatile and fashionable capsule wardrobe with a combination of navy and pink. Find the perfect outfits for any occasion and simplify your daily dressing routine.
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February 6, 2019 Monday we chose some clothes for our heroine to pack on a springtime cruise to Italy and the islands near there; we used this lovely painting as our inspiration: We left her with these clothes: So let’s start with shoes! They’re always the most difficult thing to pack – they take up […]

Gerry Strianse
How to build a summer capsule wardrobe from scratch in a navy, white, and purple color palette Inspiration, Capsule Wardrobe, Outfits, Navy Capsule Wardrobe, Spring Capsule Wardrobe, Summer Wardrobe, Summer Capsule Wardrobe, Winter Capsule Wardrobe, Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

July 19, 2014 Someone specifically requested a Starting From Scratch capsule wardrobe in these colors, and many of you have expressed concerns about how to implement this plan if you’re dealing with scorching hot summer weather. I really felt like I wanted to go through an entire wardrobe in one post, just to clarify […]

Roena Zink
The French 5-Piece Wardrobe + A Common Capsule Wardrobe: Shades of Pink, Navy and Grey Wardrobes, Casual, Dressing, Capsule Wardrobe, Outfits, French Wardrobe, French Capsule Wardrobe, Wardrobe Basics, 5 Piece French Wardrobe

October 10, 2014 While the French 5-Piece Capsule Wardrobe is great for experimenting with new colors or trendy items, it can also be an opportunity to build your wardrobe around your favorite colors. If you like pink – all shades of pink – then indulge in a combination of beautiful items for the long-term […]

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A travel capsule wardrobe with accessories expanded in a navy blue, ivory, and hot pink color palette Capsule Wardrobe, Travel Capsule Wardrobe, Travel Capsule, Spring Capsule Wardrobe, Capsule, Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe, Travel Wardrobe, Pink Capsule Wardrobe, Capsule Outfits

August 5, 2016 Yesterday‘s capsule wardrobe really felt like it would be interesting to expand, didn’t it? So let’s plunge in and see what we can learn from the process! This is the entire travel capsule wardrobe – the travel outfit and the Six-Pack: cardigan – Yumi; tees – Lands’ End; watch […]

Sal Miller
Travel Capsule Wardrobe in Navy & Ivory with pastels: Evening in the Pink Sky by André Brasilier Start with Art - The Vivienne Files Summer, Capsule Wardrobe, Pink, Pastel, Outfits, Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe, Summer Capsule Wardrobe, Travel Capsule Wardrobe, Fashion Capsule

July 14, 2023 She’s the Only One… Well, the only one she knows! When someone wants to purchase a painting – or paintings – that include horses, she’s the expert… She’s off for a few days to visit a new race course; they want the Private Lounge to have a modern, but still equestrian, feel… […]

Laurie Wallace-Lynch