Neat and tidy

Discover 10 practical tips to keep your home neat and tidy. Get organized and create a clean and serene living space with these helpful ideas.
Jack the junk: Marie Kondo has become a household name in Japan for her KonMari method of de-cluttering and tidying. Her book is now available in English. | MARIE KONDO Storage Ideas, Home Organisation, Organisation, Konmari Organizing, Marie Kondo Organizing, Organization Hacks, Organize Declutter, Moving And Storage, Storage

Before wrapping up my interview with Marie Kondo, who might well be world's foremost cleaning consultant, I promised I would put one of her de-cluttering lessons to the test prior to reviewing her book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.' And so here I am in my narrow hallway, between the entrance and the living room, with a Mount Fuji-sized pile of more than 200 books.

Andrea Burkom