Obelisk trellis

Enhance your garden with unique obelisk trellis designs that add height and structure to your plants. Explore top ideas to create a stunning focal point in your outdoor space.
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At Farrand Farms we don't currently sell wooden obelisks, or wooden trellis', tripods or tee pees, but we don't want to leave you without so we made our own and documented the process so you can make yours. For the price of one, $70-$100 each at the store, you can make four of your own. Buy your lumber • Three 2" x 1" x 8' • Four 2" x 2" x 8' - the 8' is the height of your obelisk. You can buy 6' if you prefer a shorter obelisk. If you have a table saw you can also buy two 2" x 4" x 8's and…

Donna Richie
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I am so excited to start doing DIY projects to go in our outdoor spaces for the season! I had the idea to create a cottage garden obelisk for our garden and Jose was kind enough to build one for me! While we have many structural supports for our garden plants, an obelisk is one that I have been wanting to add, as I love their unique shape so much! A garden obelisk is a tall structure with a pyramid-like shape used as a decor and also plant support. An obelisk can vary in style but each has a…

Jennifer Howell
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This step by step tutorial of How To Build An Amazing Garden Trellis Obelisk that is a vertical support structure for flowering plants that prefer to weave in and out as it grows upward towards the sun's rays. A simple afternoon do it yourself project does not take more than…

Kandi Bretl