Oc sketches character design

Unleash your creativity with these character design ideas for OC sketches. Get inspired and bring your original characters to life with unique and captivating designs.
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Feb 6, 2024 - Welcome to my Art Tutorials and courses! Feel free to checkout some of the free worksheets to see if this method of drawing practice works for you! I have found that actually getting hands on practice is what helps me so Im making resources for people like myself :D

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Nowadays, we are seeing more and more people cosplaying, drawing, or taking any other means to recreate their beloved characters from their favorite TV shows. But this artist went a step further by rendering well-known cartoon, game and movie personages into their 3D forms.

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No one ever said being a mom was easy, but there are a few things that might make being a mother a tad more manageable. A glass of red wine with dinner, a Saturday at the spa with your best friends, and perhaps even a little bit of bad behavior.