Olive garden alfredo dipping sauce

Learn how to make the perfect Olive Garden Alfredo dipping sauce at home. Explore mouthwatering recipes that will elevate your dipping experience to the next level.

zThis Copycat Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce is the most wonderfully rich and creamy sauce that’s made from scratch using fresh and natural ingredients. It’s absolutely delicious served over your favorite pasta, chicken, veggies or just served for dipping with warm garlicy Italian breadsticks.

emily shriver
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At my bridal shower many years ago, someone gave me a recipe book called "Top Secret Restaurant Recipes". I was so excited to find several of my favorite meals in the book, but one in particular stood out to me... Olive Garden Alfredo sauce. Is it indulgent? Oh yes. Its full of heavy cream and butter with a little garlic.... translation? HEAVEN. I also have a fun and simple breadstick recipe that tastes very similar to the olive garden breadsticks, especially with sprinkled with garlic salt…

Heidi Bringhurst