Olive undertones

Discover makeup tips and fashion advice to enhance your natural beauty with olive undertones. Embrace your unique skin tone and find the perfect shades to complement your complexion.
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Skin undertones refer to the subtle hues that lie beneath the surface of your skin. They play a crucial role in determining which colors of clothing, makeup, and jewelry complement your complexion and make you look your best.

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Finding the perfect foundation is a journey had by all makeup lovers. People of olive undertones particularly have a difficult time finding their perfect foundation because many brands don't have a great range for us. Olives are not only medium to tan, but can range from fair to deep! Not all of these featured are olive,

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How to get a seamless foundation match using a skin undertones chart Posted on November 11, 2023 Written by: 100% PURE ® Remember how tricky it was to find your perfect shade of foundation? If you couldn’t find a skin undertones chart, did you take a brave plunge in the beauty section of your local drugstore, or did yo

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