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Becoming a parent is a life changing experience. Suddenly, you are responsible for a whole other human being, and your new full-time job is to give them the best life you can. So you read stacks of books, attend parenting classes and try to soak up as much knowledge as possible to be a great parent. Maybe you even join a few Facebook groups to gain insight from other parents and to be part of a community. It’s nice to have other moms help you find the cutest and most affordable kids clothing…

40 Unfortunate Designs By People Who Had No Clue What They Were Doing, As Shared By This Online Group | Bored Panda People, Design, Group, Thoughts, Online Group, Boston Marathon, Race Day, Clue, Bored Panda

Design follows us everywhere we go — from billboards, ads, and signs we see while driving down the road to pretty much everything in our kitchen cabinets. It’s an integral part of life that should make everything easier. If it's any good. Because the sad truth is that very few design concepts are actually great. Far too many creators make glaringly obvious mistakes that stand out like a sore thumb, turning a blind eye to user experience, logic, aesthetics, and common sense as a whole.

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50 Random But Funny Posts Shared In An Online Group Aptly Named 'Delusions Of Adequacy' | Bored Panda Boring People, Ignorance Is Bliss, Unicorns And Mermaids, College Friends, Online Group, Beautiful Mermaids, Do Homework, Art Studies, The Real World

Whatever you tell me, you wouldn’t convince me there’s not a single bit of nerd in each of us. Whether you're referencing Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter or taking bits from Dungeons or Dragons to the real world, or still talking of Game Of Thrones, both praising it as a masterpiece and complaining about how bad the ending was, we all have our soft spot.

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People have a tendency to hoard things because maybe they think that they don't have enough or that they’ll eventually use that thing. Some people take up a hobby of collecting items that bring them joy, and to others, it may seem like just clutter. What is clear is that we all have too much of something.

Marquita Burke
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No one is immune to getting a bad haircut. As much as we all wish to confidently leave the salon feeling like we just stepped out of the cover of our favorite magazine, this isn’t always the case. We’re sometimes bound to quietly watch in horror as the hairstylist is chopping off our locks, leaving us with a hilarious hairdo gone way wrong. Then, we get this overwhelming urge to hide all the mirrors and stay indoors until our beloved strands grow back.

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Today I am brining you the perfect combination of back to school ice-breakers and games for those first days of school! Back to school is a crazy time and we all want to hit the ground running. There are routines and procedures to teach and we are ready to get to them the second those kids walk in the door. Building community and getting to know

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