Op art middle school

Engage and inspire middle school students with mind-blowing Op Art projects. Discover innovative techniques and create stunning optical illusions in your art class.
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What is OP ART? It is short for Optical Illusion. Op art, short for optical art, is a style of visual art that uses optical illusions. Op art works are abstract, with many better known pieces created in black and white. or contrasting colors. Typically, they give the viewer the impression of movement: waving, spinning, swirling, vibrating... Here are 2 Well know OpArt artist.... Bridgett Riley 1931- now 88 years old when posted Victor Vassarley 1906-1997 Victor Vasarely was a…

Gregg Paxton

Victor Vasarley (above) and Bridget Riley (below) are the King and Queen of Op Art (Optical Illusion Art). They used lines to create form and movement on empty spaces. The use of bending lines (contour line) creates the illusion or three dimension on a flat surface. Olivia , Jorja, Jaycee, and Estrella We are going to use flat and bending lines on our paper. Like Victor Vasarley's bulging sphere, our back ground will be flat lines and our hand will have bent "contour" lines. It will appear…

Maria Castaneda