Outdoor sauna

Create your own outdoor oasis with these captivating outdoor sauna ideas. Escape the stresses of daily life and indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience.
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A contemporary twist on the traditional sauna, our Aire models contrast dark with light, and smooth curves with bold angles to create striking natural shapes. The Aire X features a full-height glass wall so you can enjoy an uninterrupted view into nature as you experience the psychological and physiological benefits of sauna bathing. During the daytime, the glass wall allows for a sauna bathed in natural light so that even when the fire isn’t lit, the Aire X can be a tranquil space for…

Diego García
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With a traditional cedar shingle twin-pitched roof and contemporary glass front, our Arbor saunas offer a calming cabin-style sanctuary that feels both private and expansive. Designed with a view in mind, our Arbor saunas feature a full-height glass wall with a central frameless hinged door, as well as post-box style windows along the side walls. This creates a panoramic effect from the top tier that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the serenity of your surroundings – whether…

Cat Wilson
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A nature-inspired, inviting cabin-style sauna, the Vapor sauna offers a grounding, peaceful retreat from the stresses of modern life. The Vapor features a living sedum green roof that enhances its environment, providing habitat for wildlife and an excellent forage source for bees and butterflies. The rustic twin pitched roof is paired with locally grown cedar vertical cladding, giving the Vapor an enchanting, sylvan exterior which merges seamlessly into a natural landscape.

Oakley Jones