Painter photography

Explore stunning painter photography ideas that will inspire you to capture the beauty of art through your lens. Discover top techniques and tips to enhance your photography skills.
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Goal setting has been proven to help people become more productive, less stressed and to have a more organised lifestyle. However, a big part of goal setting can become a burden and a flourishing place for perfectionism, workaholism and lack of rest. It has become less and less common to see people have hobbies just for the sake of having a hobby, and not try and turn it into a side hustle, make a profit out of it, in short take the fun out of it and make it something productive, an…

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I always tell my clients who are pivoting into a new business that their first session will be a baseline. Afterward, we can assess what images you utilize the most and where you find photo gaps. Then the next session we can be even more intentional with the images we create.

Debbie Karnes