Parent teacher conferences

Maximize your child's academic success with these proven strategies for productive parent-teacher conferences. Get involved in your child's education and build a strong partnership with their teacher.
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Parent - Teacher Conference Prep!

Is it about that time for you? Time to get ready for those parent-teacher conferences? Luckily, I had mine about two weeks ago. I have the same system I follow each year to prep for conferences and it honestly makes life super easy and stress free! When I prep for conferences, I pull out a file folder where I keep student work for the year. I keep things like math tests, sight word data, writing examples and reading assessments. When I am doing a conference I simply pull that stuff out to…

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Parent-Teacher Conferences Tips and Freebies

These are top 9 "tried-and-true" strategies for ensuring a successful parent-teacher conference. From preparation to effective communication

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Parent Teacher Conferences: 10 Tips and Tricks

It's getting to be that time of year again. Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTCs). I have to say that I love PTCs. Working at the school that I did, it might be the only time I ever saw and actually communicated with the parents of certain students. Yes it meant long days at the school and trying to find a nice way to say "YOU WANT TO SEE PROGRESS?!? TRY WORKING WITH YOUR CHILD AT HOME!!!", but it also meant that parents and I were coming together to try and help their child become better.

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As an educator, it’s an absolute must to meet with your students’ parents throughout the school year. A positive parent-teacher relationship will only guarantee a successful year for students and that’s what we all want the most. Have you thought about how you hold your parent conference? Do you do all the talking behind your

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13 Smart Questions to Ask at the Parent Teacher Conference

The parent teacher conference can be so disappointing if you're not sure what to expect. This ultimate guide for parents will get you ready!

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Tips for Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences - Not So Wimpy Teacher

I'm not gonna sugar coat it. I have to be 100% honest. Here goes...I hated doing parent-teacher conferences. Yup. I used the H word. #sorrynotsorryIt really has nothing to do with my kiddos or even the parents. It's just that I already have a million things to do. I am barely staying afloat. Having 25

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