Parenting fail

Discover funny and relatable parenting fails that will make you laugh out loud. Learn from others' mistakes and find reassurance in the ups and downs of parenthood.
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There can never be too many parenting tips for any types of parents, fresh or seasoned because you're raising a damn human being after all. And with a task requiring so much responsibility, no advice is better learned than through a process of tedious trial and error. While everybody tries to convince you that being a parent is one of life's most beautiful and rewarding journeys and nothing can replicate the joy of creating and nurturing a new life and watching it blossom, the bitter truth…

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Parenting is difficult. Parents often don't know what they're doing, so they have to figure it out on the fly. We've all had that moment when your parents find out that you've learned a new swear word, and have to deal with the fallout. Some parents will make you put soap in your mouth. Others will send you to your room. Sometimes they just start swearing too, and that's pretty cool. Often parents try to get creative with their punishments. Some are incredibly effective. Some aren't. Other…

Michelle Ambriz
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There are many ways to be a toxic parent to your kids, but these self-absorbed parents don't just affect their offspring - but the entire world around them. Whether they think the world revolves around their kid(s) or that the world and their kid(s) revolve around them, some people have zero awareness or regard for just how obnoxious their actions are.

Shannon Cook
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