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Elevate your party decorations with these creative party streamer ideas. Add a vibrant touch to your celebrations and create a festive atmosphere with these unique streamer ideas.
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Parker's Rainbow Unicorn Pegasus Birthday Party!

Parker requested a Rainbow Unicorn Pegasus birthday party this year. We had so much fun with the theme. P wanted everyone to have pegasus wings, unicorn horns and rainbow tails. Fin declared that the boys would *not* like pegasus wings, so we made them dragons instead. I used glitter covered felt and made everyone a pair of wings (black dragon wings or white pegasus wings) and a tail (rainbow yarn for the unipegs, black glitter felt for dragons). I got most of the decorations at the 99cent…

Kami Shumway
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My daughter's first Birthday party!

Here is a little of my daughter's 1st birthday from November 2008. This was before I really started my obsession for party blogs, etsy, google images, and all to do with the party world. I was inspired to share after reading my new friends blog over at A Blissful Nest. I loved her party and I love to see how far we have come thanks to all the great party inspirations out there. My blog started out featuring some of my sewing designs and custom orders and is slowly turning into a blog about…

Miss Shinea
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How to Hang Streamers for a Party |

Hanging streamers with double-sided masking tape is a snap. You can also use removable hooks, dowels and zip/cable ties to create unique looks. To twist the streamers, tape up one end, turn the streamer and attach the other side.

Marissa Henry