Patchwork granny square blanket

Create a cozy and colorful patchwork granny square blanket to keep you warm. Explore top ideas to make your own unique and stylish blanket for ultimate comfort.
This is a cross between a Granny McPhee and Babette Blanket I started with good intentions of making the blanket in darker/duller colours than I usually use and ended up making brighter, more colo... Different Sized Granny Square Blanket, Crochet Blanket Different Size Squares, Knitted Blankets Pattern, Granny Square Afghan Pattern Free, Granny Square Blanket Layout, Random Granny Square Blanket, Granny Square Blanket Pattern Free, Patchwork Blanket Crochet, Patchwork Granny Square Blanket

Maryfairy's Babette meets Granny McPhee Blanket

...rd, 4s rd and 2 rd squares. Note to self: When making granny squares, always turn after each rd. The benefits are that you don’t get tilting of the square, which I am prone to and both sides of the blanket look the same, so no right or wrong side. For this blanket I worked first 2 rds right side facing and then turned after each rd so that the squares ended with right...

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Maryfairy's Granny Babette Blanket for Connie

I’m on a granny blanket binge at the moment and as they don’t take too much thinking about, other than colour placement, I am pleased to go along with the flow. This one was going to be for one o...

Pam Huff
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Giant Granny Patches Blanket Crochet Free Pattern - Crochet & Knitting

The classic granny square works wonderfully to create a patchwork effect in this beautiful vintage style blanket that could be straight from Granny’s attic. A great next step on from the classic granny square, a simple blanket and border using basic stitches and a decreasing stitch. We would love to invite you to join our Pinterest Group for […]

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Maryfairy's Granny Babettish Blanket for Poppy

As I had all of my colourful yarns out for my Lanterns Blanket, I thought I would start another granny blanket. I have procrastinated for days over what type of granny blanket I wanted and have d...

Natalie Guest
Excited to share this item from my #etsy shop: Handmade Chunky 3D Colorful Patchwork Velvet Knit Blanket- Boho Home Decor Unique Handknit Crochet Throw - Soft & Comfy Quilt - Gift For Mom #uniqueblanket #floralblanket #colorfulblanket #freeshipping #softcomfyquilt #crochetquilt #handknitquilt #handmadeblanket Handknit Blanket, 3d Granny Squares, Bulky Blanket, Patchwork Velvet, Velvet Patchwork, Velvet Knit, Patchwork Throw, Blanket Boho, Embroidered Blanket

CHUNKY THROW BLANKET, Granny Square Blanket, Handmade Giant Knit Velvet Embroidered Patchwork Colorful Soft Throw Blanket, Home Decor Gifts - Etsy

Introducing our exquisite Chunky Throw Blanket, a true labor of love that will add warmth and charm to your home decor. Handcrafted with meticulous care, this Granny Square Blanket boasts a stunning floral design that captures the essence of cozy comfort and vintage elegance. Key Features: Handmade with passion and precision Floral motif for a touch of nature's beauty Crafted with soft and durable cotton Bursting with vibrant colors Delivers unparalleled coziness Unique patchwork design A…

GABBY Robles