Peer support

Discover the power of peer support and how it can positively impact your life. Find inspiration and guidance from others who have experienced similar challenges and start your journey towards personal growth.
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Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 10/28/2020.Mental health distress and illness are multidimensional - each condition is different, and the same condition can present differently in two individuals. However, some signs are similar, including disrupted sleep or appetite, inability to cope with daily issues, social withdrawal, and inability to concentrate. Mental health distress can also present more subtly depending on the individual - but subtle cues don’t equate to…

Christina Hullette
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It’s not easy to train in new skills to support our mental health when the race has already begun. We are all going to cycle out of the green zone many times, regardless of our practice of self-care. We need each other right now to provide peer support to help each of us notice when we’re moving to the right of the stress continuum and pause or pace ourselves so we can complete this marathon together.