Peppermint candy

Indulge in the refreshing flavor of peppermint candy with these delightful recipes and creative ideas. Discover how to make peppermint candy treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
Peppermint doesn’t just make good candy; peppermint oil can actually be used to control and treat head lice. Description from I searched for this on Vintage, Diy, Natal, Christmas Candy, Peppermint Candy, Christmas Diy, Holiday Candy, Peppermint, Peppermint Candles

By Larry Sheingold – We’d need fewer New Year’s resolutions in January if there were fewer Christmas cookies in December. My solution: work this one into the year-round menu as a stand-alone treat and not just part of the pile on the holiday cookie plate. Then reserve your resolutions for the practical and attainable – […]

Daniela Auricchio