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Get inspired by pin up style with retro fashion and beauty ideas. Embrace the timeless elegance and charm of this iconic look for a touch of nostalgia in your modern wardrobe.
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If you look up “hourglass figure” in the dictionary, Betty Brosmer’s picture should probably be next to it (if you Google it, she’s right there next to Kim Kardashian). Meet the highest paid pin-up girl of the 1950s, considered by many as the first true supermodel, Betty appeared in thousands of magazine including LIFE, Time, Fortune,…

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Plus Size Style Icon is a fashion series inspired by kick-ass women we love in pop culture. They may or may not be plus size themselves but GUESS WHAT? You can wear their look no matter your size because plus women deserve to rock whatever goddamn style they want. So rock it. ROCK IT HARD. If you missed the other Plus-Size Icon Posts... fix that! They include: Ms. Frizzle, Peggy Carter, Miss Fisher (my favorite), Beth Ditto, Felicity Smoak (the Internet's favorite), and Eloise…

Teri DeFoe
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