Pixel art game background

Enhance your game with captivating pixel art backgrounds that create a visually immersive experience. Explore top ideas for pixel art game backgrounds that will take your game to the next level.
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The world of pixel art is vast and while it may seem small, there are many pixel artists dedicated to the craft. Most pixel art nowadays is created for fun or for practice. But there are exceptions…

Cassie Mc
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This is an older image of mine with some recent additions and adjustments. I made this using GraphicsGale with a custom palette of 100'ish colors (I believe this image uses 90 of them). It has become the foundations for a tileset that I am using to build a (still unnamed) game with a friend of mine, and we've got a ways to go yet so there's not much more to say about it right now. I usually display this with a transparent layer of cloud shadows, though I disabled that here as it would have…

Sam Galloway