Popcorn cupcakes

Elevate your dessert game with these mouthwatering popcorn cupcake recipes. From sweet and salty to unique flavor combinations, discover the perfect treat for any celebration.
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Amaze your friends with the true flavor of buttered popcorn in cake form! Buttered Popcorn Cupcakes are delicious buttery treats that are perfect for the big game or family movie night. Please note, the Swiss meringue buttercream uses salted butter in this recipe, to convey the flavor of salty buttered popcorn. You may have buttercream left over if you don’t pipe a big double swirl as pictured. You may opt to halve the buttercream recipe if you plan for a more modest amount of frosting.

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Finally...here is the popcorn cupcake tutorial I promised you. There are many different versions of the popcorn cupcake out there- some people just use the yellow marshmallows, and some people use the white marshmallows spritzed with yellow food coloring. Some leave the marshmallow shape and some twist them to look like popcorn. I made mine a little differently. You will need three different colors of marshmallows- white, pastel yellow and a bright yellow. The two different colors of yellow…

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DIY Popcorn Cupcakes!Popcorn cupcakes! Follow these easy steps and create easy and fun cupcakes that are an essential to the party. We created these cupcakes for my sister's Movie Night Theme Party! They were so perfect, and delicious. It's very inexpensive to add this to your party, so let's get started!Materials you'll need!- Mini Marshmallows - Funfetti Cupcake Mix (or whatever cupcake mix you'd lik, make sure you have all the ingredients you need to bake them, usually it's eggs, water…

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