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I wonder if he knows when he will get off, or for that matter if there was any prior knowledge to where he would be taken. But then, why would he even have left this way in the first place? And getting there in time is certainly out of the question, unless of course he was instructed to be 'promptly late'....

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"I was saved! I was saved by a flying wild man in a loincloth." - Jane Porter Jane Porter is the deuteragonist of the movies Tarzan and Tarzan and Jane, and the TV series The Legend of Tarzan. She is the first Disney Princess (official or unofficial) not to appear in one of her franchise's sequels- Tarzan II, which technically is a midquel, as the events take place in the first movie, when Tarzan is a child. She and Tarzan begin a relationship at the end of the first movie, and are married…

Jaime Mella Riquelme

Dr. Jane Porter, having spent the last eight years of her life in a South African tribe as a valued healer, has finally clawed her way back to society. She was expecting grand buffets and warm bubble baths; however, Dr. Porter has been sentenced to work at Disney's Underground Asylum.


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