Post apocalyptic outfit

Prepare for the end of the world with these post-apocalyptic outfit ideas. Get inspired to create a stylish and functional look that will help you survive any dystopian scenario.
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Salvagepunk (also known as Junkpunk or Scavenged Punk) is a stylized setting that focuses on technology and culture based on an unusual source: scavenged junk. Weapons, tools, clothing, and sometimes entire cities will be built out of repurposed/recycled materials. A key factor here is that said materials, often pieces of trash, are being used for something other than their original purpose (as opposed to simply being repaired and reused). In speculative fiction, this often takes place in…

Iván Viedma
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Distressing Costume for Post-Apocalyptic LARP | LARP.GUIDE

I’m a big fan of wasteland style worlds and their particular visual aesthetic, so it was a massive privilege to be asked to photograph Shadow Wars, Forsaken, and The World Went Dark this year. When it comes to costume, Shadow Wars is relatively easy – you can crowbar an awful lot of everyday clothes to fit the setting, but the latter two are a little trickier. Realising that I have both Forsaken and The World Went Dark coming up next month in October, I figured I’d better start on some…

Hoku S