Preschool at home

Explore fun and educational activities to create an engaging preschool experience at home. Discover top ideas to make learning enjoyable for your little one.
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Inside: Looking to do 3 year old preschool activities at home? Today I’m sharing my favorite activity ideas to include in your 3 year old’s daily routine. Life with a 3 year old can be challenging, right? You’ve just come out of the twos and your toddler is likely talking and asserting themselves more. Their fine motor and gross motor skills have further improved and

Tia Breaux
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Inside: If you’re looking to homeschool your 4 year old this year, you’re in the right place! Today we’re going to walk step-by-step through a simple, doable 4 year old homeschool schedule and routine. I feel like I say this about every age, but 4 years old really is a magical age. 4 year olds are able to do more than they could at 3.

Alexis Stallings