Pretty cats

Explore the world of pretty cats and discover the most stunning feline breeds. From fluffy Persians to sleek Siamese, find your purrfect companion today.
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It can be hard to commit to a specific dinner plan at times, so most of us would probably balk at the idea of getting an impulse tattoo. And if we did finally decide to get inked, I suspect that we would put at least some thought into what exactly the artist would put on our skin. But this is not an article about good decision-making.

Meet Errol: A Cat Who Looks Like A Fox

All cats are cool, it’s just part of their effortless charm. But there are some cats out there who are all that and a bag of chips thanks to their super cool fur and piercing eyes. We are all cat lovers here, but I’m a big lover of all animals, too. And you know what other animal is crazy cute? A fox! Now, imagine a cat that looks kinda like a fox. With that same signature reddish-orange coat and that […]