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Experience high-quality audio with top-of-the-line pro audio speakers. Discover a wide range of options to take your sound system to the next level.
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Polk Audio Legend L800 Loudspeaker Review Page 2

Rugged metal-and-rubber support feet on the bottom of L800 towers can be individually adjusted to level the speaker on uneven floor surfaces. Metal spikes are located inside the feet and can be swapped out for carpet installations by pulling off the feet. For my setup, the front surface of the towers was angled slightly downward at the listening position to bring the tweeters more in-line with my ears.

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L100 Classic Speaker From JBL

In 1970, JBL released a consumer version of the 4310 Pro Studio Monitor, the L100. The retro design is now back sporting a vintage Quadrex foam grille in black orange and blue! The reissued speaker includes new drivers, crossover network and more. This 3-Way design includes a walnut veneer enclosure… …with black painted front and...

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