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Discover how a pulley system can make your tasks easier and more efficient. Explore top ideas to incorporate a pulley system into your daily life and simplify your work.
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This document shows you how to make an effective and useful pulley system. If you study the pictures, you will be able to understand how the ratio of a pulley system is calculated. Understand that the maximum load to the break in a pulley system should not be underestimated. And last but not least I visualized you some systems with different ratios. This is for example useful if you plan to setup longer slacklines.

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Diagram of complex pulley system.

A pulley is one of six classic "simple machines" used to change the direction or magnatude of the force required to do physical work.

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“A movable pulley is one whos block is movable. One end of the cord is fastened to the beam, and the weight is sspended from the pulley, the other end of the cord being drawn by the application of a force P. A little consideration will show that if P moves through a certain distance, say 1 foot, W will move through half that distance, or 6 inches; hence, a pull of 1 pound at P will life 2 pounds at W.” — Hallock, 1905

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