Purple animals

Discover the incredible world of purple animals. From vibrant birds to exotic insects, explore the beauty and diversity of these unique creatures. Get inspired to add a splash of purple to your life!
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17+ Incredible PURPLE BIRDS | Violet-crowned Woodnymph

There are birds in all shades and color variations, and purple is no exception. Like blue, purple is produced by the structural coloration of bird feathers, not by pigments, so the color will depen…

Leanna Hamilton
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Purple Cats

Purple cats are what all true warriors strive for! Purple cats were created by Madkatmaximus, in a drawing that is still worth over a billion rupees in Hyrule. King Harkinian himself owns six, and keeps them above his royal throne. Even Link can't stay bored with those paintings around. They provide entertainment for the whole kingdom of Hyrule! :D (What does this page have to do with anime? Welllllll (SS))

Rebecca McCrary