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This free escape room activity is a puzzle challenge related to executive functioning skills. Students can work together or independently to solve a puzzle and discover the secret phrase to unlock the door and win the challenge in a specified amount of time. School Psychology, Escape Room Puzzles, Escape Room Challenge, Escape Room For Kids, Escape Room, School Counseling, Social Emotional Learning, Therapy Activities, Study Skills

Escape room activities are a fun and interactive way to work on the skills kids need. My favorite part about escape room activities is that they really encourage cooperation and critical thinking skills. Kids work together and use their collective brain power to solve a variety of puzzles and challe

Heather Sheldon
National Puzzle Day Rebus - Hard English, Pre K, Teaching Biology, Logic Puzzles, Brain Teaser Puzzles, Brain Teasers For Kids, Puzzles For Kids, Stem Activities, Brain Teasers Riddles

Today is National Puzzle Day! It's an unofficial holiday, but still fun to celebrate anyway. Take some time to do some puzzles with your kids today. That could include some pencil and paper puzzles, like the free rebuses above, or hands on puzzles, like a Rubik's Cube or a jigsaw puzzle. You could even throw in a couple of logic style games, like Quirkle or Mastermind. Download the National Puzzle Day Rebuses above by clicking on the pictures. There is an easy page and a harder page that…

The Puzzle Den

At the beginning of the Quarter, I always review the elements and principles with students to make sure we have a good understanding of the vocabulary that we will use for the next 9 weeks. I try to find things that one, are interesting to the students, two, are interesting to me and three, something for a display. For this Quarter, I was going through some letters and font that our librarian sent out as options for display letters and I came across a puzzle piece alphabet. It was perfect…

Hawwa Zareena