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Spoil your rabbit with delicious and healthy treats. Discover a variety of options to keep your furry friend happy and satisfied. Treat your rabbit today!
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Bunneh's Bunny Rabbit Treats Recipe - Food.com

Bunneh LOVES these! After he has his treat, he thanks me by licking a hole in my arm, or darned near! You could replace the carrot with apple or pear, but keep in mind these are treats, not a regular diet/food, and should be given sparingly. For a bunny, 1 tablespoon of fruit a day is the maximum you should give your furball. Timothy hay pellets are the best type of pellets, Zupreem the best brand. Recipe adapted from Brenda Plaxton's.

Stephanie Peacock
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Homemade Treats Your Bun Will LOVE!

When Bean got neutered, we had a bit of scare where he wasn’t eating or pooping so of course our Vet gave us Oxbow Critical Care. After a couple days of syringe feeding Beanie Boy was back to normal but we had so much extra Critical Care that would expire before we would ever need to use it all. My vet suggested I make “meatballs” out of the extra powder, but Bean wouldn’t eat them, so I came up with this really simple treat recipe. Give it a try!Supplies- Parchment Paper or wax paper…

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Can Rabbits Eat Cheerios?

We have said this before and we will say it again…rabbits are greedy little things! The typical diet of a rabbit is more than enough to keep it happy, healthy, and satisfied. However, this doesn’t stop them (and you) from being interested in human food. Contents show 1 Are Cheerios safe for rabbits? 2 How … Can Rabbits Eat Cheerios – Yes or No – Here’s why Read More »