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Unleash your creativity with these random doodle ideas. Get inspired to create unique and imaginative drawings that showcase your artistic expression.
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If you’ve ever been forced to go to an unnecessary and completely avoidable meeting, then you know that doodling can be the savior of sanity and protector against boredom. One person who believes this 100% is artist BeastFlaps whose funny, cute, and wholesome doodles are brightening up our week.

Sara Riley

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It's impressive how consistent practice over some period of time can improve our skills. This applies to various kinds of things, but today, we'd like to focus on artistic growth. The Reddit community ‘Art Progress Pics’ allows artists to show their work and prove how hard work pays back. The members share the photos of their works and compare how they looked when they were starting, and how they got better after they invested some time and persistently practiced to master their skills.