Raven Tattoo

Express your bold and mysterious side with stunning raven tattoo designs. Discover top ideas to create a captivating and unique tattoo that will make a lasting impression.
Polish Tattoo Artist Shows The Beauty Of Imperfection With Her Sketch Tattoos (10+ Pics)

Where some see unfinished and imperfect lines, Polish tattoo artist Inez Janiak sees tattoo ideas. She mostly uses black ink, which makes her tattoo designs look bold and edgy. And they definitely got noticed - Inez already has over 60,000 Instagram followers who are enjoying her cool tattoos.

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Everyday I start my morning with a daily drawing routine of a completing a shape study. After getting bored of drawing my own shapes I came up with the Idea of using clouds and buildings and drawing on top of them. All videos and drawings are made on an Ipad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate App.

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Having been living with us for thousands of years, raven has always been an interesting bird representing many different good and bad meanings both in all cultures, religions and as well as mythology. Often confused with crows, this large and dark bird symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, mysery, pain, secrets and has many other meanings. There are

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If you’re a hardcore fan of cute simple tattoos, you already know that the world is your oyster. From the classic rose to the ever-popular anchor, there are so many different designs out there that you can choose from. While some people have no qualms with having a full sleeve or leg piece, others prefer something more fine-drawn. And if you fall into that latter category? Well then, we’ve got just the thing for you!

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In many cultures, the raven is seen as a symbol of intelligence, adaptability, and mysticism. The raven is known for its sharp wit and cunning nature, making it a revered creature in many ancient civilizations. The Greeks associated the raven with the god Apollo, who was believed to take the form of a raven to

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