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Well, There Go Thousands Of Dollars Mac Hodges, somewhat of a legend in the RC world, has suffered a great loss last year. His famous B-29 Superfortress ran into engine trouble upon take-off, sending it wayward and into the ground. Hodges, an aviation hobbyist, has been entertaining people with his

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Maiden Flight Of GIGANTIC Rc B-52–But Now They Have To Land It | World War Wings Videos Drones, Radio Controlled Boats, Radio Controlled Aircraft, Rc Planes, Radio Control Airplane, Radio Controlled Cars, Radio Control Planes, Rc Boats, Rc Model

This Is Beyond Incredible. This is one of those videos that might make your jaw drop. You'll probably share our opinion when you see it, as this is one of the biggest RCs we've seen to date. Also, it's a B-52 which makes this even better. Whether or not you're into the RC hobby world, this shoul

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At the rate hobbyists are outdoing one another, actual airplanes will soon be thought of as mini versions of model planes. I only became aware of "giant-scale" radio-controlled planes recently (not sure how I could have missed them) when reporting on an rc fly-in near St. Louis. That sto

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