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Discover creative ways to organize your reader's notebook and enhance your reading experience. Take your reading journey to the next level with these top ideas and tips for maintaining a well-structured reader's notebook.
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One of the things I do every year that really makes a difference in my students’ learning is having them use notebooks to store notes, examples, work, and basically house all of the learning they have done that year. Having these notebooks makes it so easy to spiral content because the students have a ready-made […]

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These FREE Reading Response Notebooks have been a GAME CHANGER in my classroom. In this post, I spell out how we created these individualized journal covers, how we used these reading response journals to get to know each other as readers, as well as how to get students invested and engaged in writing about reading! These journals are the PERFECT idea for any literacy curriculum, and best of all? They're FREE! Click to grab your free template download now! Suitable for 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3 Reading Response, Reading, English, Reading Comprehension, Readers Notebook, Readers Notebook Middle School, Reading Response Notebook, Reading Response Journals, Reading Instruction

Getting students to write about reading was a struggle for a LONG TIME! I tried all sorts of approaches, all types of reading response journals and notebooks, and yet it still felt so forced. This year, things have changed!

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A promise is a promise, and since I promised to do better this week, here I am! Excitedly so even! We have had a very productive two days considering that I am wading through the river of denial as yet another birthday has come and gone. Thankful to have them but wishing I could slow them down sometimes; the closest I have come is convincing each new batch of fourth graders that I am 29. Guess that will have to do. I wonder when they will stop falling for it? Still, as birthdays go, I…