Red hat society

Discover the joy of being part of the Red Hat Society and make lifelong friends. Join us for exciting events, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime.
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I have joined the Red Hat Ladies, I'm so bored with my life and I thought it would be nice to meet some ladies in my area as well as different parts of the world...I think they are just what the doctor ordered. I can see myself as a Red Hat Lady with no problem...I love love Red and I love love Purple...Now I have the notion to make some red and purple doily's go figure...I'm very excited about it all. I have already made some new friends, and very helpful ladies. One is Cynthia and the…

Carol Meese
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Ever wonder where the Red Hat Society Ladies get all those amazing red and purple items? I found these at the Webster Flea Market in Webster, Florida. I found this Red Hat Society car flag banner at a thrift shop in Florida. Red Hat Society Ladies watercolor painting More Florida Vacation Photos... More Florida Flowers 2008 Brahma Bull portraits Florida flowers Florida bee photos Alligators at Merritt Island, Florida Identify those Florida birds...part 3 Identify that Florida bird...part 2…

Gail Brown