Refined sugar

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The Dangers of Sugar. This is a very comprehensive guide to removing sugar from your life and how to use natural sweeteners. It teaches you not to go overboard but still allow some sweetness to your food. What sugars to avoid, what natural sweeteners to use while still eating a low sweetener diet. A MUST READ from Dr. Meghan Birt Nutrition, Detox, Healthy Recipes, Dessert, Natural Sweeteners, Sugar Cravings, Sugar Detox, Sugar Addiction, Sugar Detox Diet

Sugar, the thing we are now told we should avoid. Oh, I get what you’re thinking, how do you do that? And how can something that tastes so good be so bad for you? How do you give it up for a day vs a whole life? Giving up sugar doesn’t mean giving up everything that tastes ... Read More about The Dangers of Sugar: How to Remove Refined Sugars and Replace with Unrefined Sugars

Erica Brewer