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Discover exciting ways to make the most of your retirement. Get ideas and inspiration for hobbies, travel, and more to enjoy a fulfilling and active life as a retired person.
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You both recently retired from your legal careers and launched Lustre. What needs are you seeking to address with your website? Retired career women are as vibrant, experienced, and wise the day after they retire as they were the day before, but suddenly they become invisible, stuck behind images of old women who are dowdy, […]

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A 67-year-old American shares what retirement is ‘really’ like—with ‘no work and all that free time’ Mexico, Retired People, Budget Money, Change Is Hard, Living In Mexico, Rental Apartment, Simpler Lifestyle, Finding Happiness, Tropical Climate

In 2006, 67-year-old Janet Blaser left the U.S. for Mazatlán, Mexico and retired by the beach. While retirement may sound like a dream, she says there were many downsides. Here's how she overcame them, and now lives a happy life in her $420-per-month rental apartment.

Gaye Smith
Eight Years After Early Retirement: No Blog, No Side Hustles, Just Retired (Guest Post) - Tread Lightly, Retire Early Early Retirement Lifestyle, Retire Early Tips, Retirement Side Hustle, 403b Retirement Tips, Early Retirement Planning, How To Retire Early, Fire Movement, Retired Life, Retired People

A common argument against the financial independence community is that anyone who “retires early,” really isn’t – that they blog or side hustle or do something for income after their retirement from their day job. And to that argument, many people’s contingency plans actually do contain the idea that worst case, they “can always go…

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