Roasted eggplant recipes

Discover a variety of mouthwatering roasted eggplant recipes that will satisfy your taste buds. From Mediterranean-inspired dishes to creative vegetarian options, there's a recipe for everyone to enjoy.
Our PERFECT oven-roasted eggplant is EASY to prepare, and results in an ADDICTIVE crispiness and caramelization! If you've ever wondered how to roast eggplant properly, we're sharing all of our best tips in this post (and great plant-based recipes to use it in)! Roasted Eggplant And Chickpeas, Egg Plant Healthy Recipes, Eggplant Snacks Healthy, Healthy Brinjal Recipes, Eggplant Ideas Recipes For, How To Cook Eggplant In Oven, Eggplant And Carrot Recipes, How To Bake Eggplant In Oven, Zucchini And Eggplant Recipes Healthy

An easy, step-by-step recipe for oven-roasted eggplant! It’s tender, caramelized, versatile, and perfect every time! Just 3 ingredients and 30 minutes required.

Karen Rosenfeld