Russian alphabet

Master the Russian alphabet with these essential tips and resources. Start your journey to fluency in the Russian language by understanding the building blocks of the Cyrillic script.
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Although it may seem a bit daunting in the beginning, the Russian alphabet is not the hardest alphabet in existence (I’m looking at you, Japanese). Consisting of 33 letters - just 7 more than the Latin alphabet - it uses the Cyrillic script to write the Russian language. And you know what’s the best thing about it? Almost all the words in Russian can be pronounced the same way they are written. To put it simply, once you master the Russian alphabet, you’ll know how to pronounce the majority…

Terry Hale
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✔Tips for easy reading Russian handwriting cursive. ✔Training worksheets, propisi for practicing handwriting in pdf. ✔Video of live Russian cursive handwriting. ✔Russian capital and small written letters. ✔Connecting the Russian handwriting cursive letters. ✔Calligraphy Russian ABC.

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