Russian sayings

Explore the rich world of Russian culture through these captivating sayings. Discover the hidden wisdom and unique expressions that make Russian language and culture so intriguing.
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Learning a new language involves more than just mastering grammar rules and vocabulary. To truly understand and appreciate Russian, it is essential to delve into its cultural nuances and expressions. Russian proverbs, with their rich history and profound meanings, provide a window into the Russian soul. They often use vivid imagery and figurative language, making...

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There are many basic Russian phrases that are a simple and direct translation from common, everyday English expressions. Here we have summarised for you a good collection of basic phrases to get you going. [adsense:336x280:6538780580] [h5p=927]

Pen4Pals. Learning Russian with Russians.
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In one of my previous lessons we learned some basic greetings in Russian. Now it’s time to learn how to say goodbye in our beautiful language. Don’t worry, there arn’t so many ways of doing this. Again, you can learn the most common phrases and this will be enough. However, I’ll try to describe all the...

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You might have been learning Russian for some time, or maybe you just started. You probably know that each language has a set of words that are depend “impossible to translate” or that have no equivalent in our mother tongues. Whether it’s actually true or not is up for debate, but what we can definitely […]