Saltwater fishing lures

Enhance your saltwater fishing experience with these must-have lures. From topwater to deep-sea, discover the best lures to attract and hook your desired catch.
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Did you know that crappies are less active during the day and most likely to feed during dawn and dusk? With this in mind, it could be a challenge to catch one. The easy way to catch Crappie is to make sure you are using the right tackle. Let`s start with… what is a […]

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If you’re an experienced fisher, your tackle box is probably already overflowing with lures when surf fishing. While you may have enough to get by, wouldn’t it be better to have the best lures for the type of fishing and the fish you want to catch? Often, anglers are carrying around a large assortment of lures when they really only need a few top performers. Top 10 Lures for Surf Fishing Surf fishing lures should be designed specifically for saltwater use to prevent corrosion, and there are…

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