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Ishibashi Yui’s Sculptures Visualize Tension Between Humans and Nature | Hi-Fructose Magazine Illusion Kunst, Instalation Art, Sculptures Céramiques, Art Et Illustration, Poses References, Arte Sketchbook, Clay Art Projects, Ap Art, 판타지 아트

Fixated on a mythological depiction of nature, Japanese artist Ishibashi Yui sculpts feral children that appear to belong to another realm of reality. Pallid, hairless human bodies become fused with roots and vines, brought to life through a mixture of wood, resin, clay, wire and paint. Oftentimes, the figures appear imprisoned by the flora. In Then, It Returns Slowly, a pregnant woman's face erupts with flesh-colored growths that form a tree trunk. The character in Dream of 10 Billion Years…

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In this video, I will show how to sculpt a human hand. I will start with a simple technique where I will trace my hand, then by using cylindrical and spheri...

Roza van Wordragen
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The grotesque miniatures of Korean sculptor Dongwook Lee are not for everyone, and yet his work stems from what he describes as a basic concern for all human beings. Previously featured here on our blog, the Seoul, Korea based artist's figures are small-scale sculptural works, most measuring no more than 12" inches high made of Polymer clay, that typically depict contorted human forms. He embodies the idea of physical "likeness" in his most recent sculptures, featuring humanoids with growths…

Sammy Kimura